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Robert Hoffer
CEO, Reactrix

Who is Robert Hoffer?

Robert Hoffer is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology sector, CEO of Reactrix Inc. and co-founder of GlobalComix, a developer of interactive digital media solutions. Known as “theBotFather”, Hoffer created SmarterChild, the pioneer of digital assistants, and inspired the development of today’s technologies such as Siri, Alexa and ChatGPT. 

Under Robert Hoffer’s leadership, GlobalComix has carved out an important niche in the digital comics publishing space. The platform provides innovative solutions for creators to effectively distribute their work. Hoffer’s career also includes a strategic investment and business development role at Dhando Investments. The man behind the first online yellow pages and a number of digital innovations, Hoffer has worked in technology and software for over 25 years. 

With this rich background, Hoffer is a valuable contributor to GlobalComix’s growth and innovation, taking the company into new markets and enabling it to reach a wider user base. 

It’s time to meet “theBotFather” at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit!

Speaking On: Opportunities in E-commerce with Gamification & Threats of an AI-Powered World

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