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Istanbul Global E-Export Experience

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We invite you to an unforgettable experience in Istanbul, where the heart of world trade beats and cultures and continents intersect: The Global E-Export Experience! This prestigious event, taking place on September 4-5, 2024, will bring together leading figures in global markets, innovative entrepreneurs, C-level industry leaders, and top professionals in digital commerce to inspire, forge new paths, and share their unique experiences in e-export.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, organized by the Electronic Commerce Association and with the strategic partnership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the Istanbul Global E-Export Experience will host a wide range of participants including global market leaders, e-commerce sellers, retailers, distributors, integrators, and e-export consortia. It aims to unite the e-export ecosystem, offering participants in-depth insights into the trends, strategies, and technologies that will shape the future of the sector.

Featuring over 100 speakers, both national and international, and more than 3,500 C-level participants, the Istanbul Global E-Export Experience is a unique opportunity for professionals looking to strengthen international collaborations, establish strategic partnerships, and explore paths to sustainable growth. It will serve as a pivotal moment for enhancing competitiveness in the global market and maximizing e-export capacities. The event is exclusively open to professionals.

By participating in this prestigious event amidst Istanbul’s historic and enchanting atmosphere, you can meet pioneers shaping the future of e-export and leverage valuable insights, interactive panels, and networking opportunities presented by industry leaders to take your business strategies to the international stage. The Istanbul Global E-Export Experience awaits you, promising a unique e-export experience with complementary content coordinated across three different halls.

Let’s push the boundaries of e-export together in Istanbul on September 4-5!

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Halic Congress Center
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  • Global Marketplaces
  • ⁠Omnichannel Retailers
  • ⁠Digital Payment Systems
  • ⁠Retailers
  • ⁠Online Sellers
  • ⁠Entrepreneurs
  • ⁠C-Level Prefessionals
  • Distributors
  • ⁠Türkiye’s Most Succesful SMEs
  • ⁠Buyers
  • ⁠Service Providers
  • ⁠Vendors
  • ⁠Integrators

The summit is planned to be attended by top-level executives from global marketplaces, multi-channel chain stores, distributors, B2B marketplace sellers, digital payment systems and e-commerce servide providers, with +3.000 professionals.

3000 +

C-Level Attendees

70 +


115 +

E-Com Suppliers

140 +

Retail Brands