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Vedat Karabulut
Founder & CEO, ArpaNet Media

Who is Vedat Karabulut?

Vedat Karabulut has 22 years of experience in digital advertising, digital sales and marketing. He is the founder and CEO of ArpaNet Media operating in Istanbul, London and Berlin.

ArpaNet Media is a dynamic digital content marketing agency that develops high quality projects in areas such as content marketing, performance marketing, SEO-SEM, video production, digital marketing, social media management.

Under Karabulut’s leadership, ArpaNet Media offers 360° digital marketing services in 30 languages with more than 60,000 publishers in 130 countries. The agency has adopted the vision of “change” in the ever-changing digital landscape and has reinforced this vision with its achievements. Recognized by BestStartUP as one of the fastest growing brands offering premium services, ArpaNet Media is one of the valuable brands offering innovative services in Turkey.

Vedat Karabulut is highly experienced in digital strategy and interactive advertising and has a dynamic and solution-oriented approach that aims to achieve the highest reach and efficiency of the target audience by combining online and offline concepts.

Take your place at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit where you can direct your e-export strategies with Vedat Karabulut’s experience in sales and marketing. 

Take your place immediately at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, where you can direct your e-export strategies with in-depth insights created by Vedat Karabulut’s 22 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Speaking On: The Consortia Model for E-Commerce

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