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Meral Şengöz
Partner, Founder and CEO, T3I Partner Network, Finchaintr Trade Finance Consultancy

Who is Meral Şengöz?

Meral Şengöz is a blockchain expert in trade finance and digitalization who stands out with her 23 years of İŞBANK corporate banking experience and her consultancy background at Contour as well as Marco Polo Network. Throughout her career, she has undertaken critical tasks such as managing cross-border trade finance products, trade credit and corporate loans, and developed comprehensive training programs for bankers and companies. As a senior manager, she pioneered new product development projects and successfully carried out leadership duties in many dimensions, from the legal aspects of the products to operations, marketing strategies and channel management.

She has in-depth knowledge, especially in digitalization and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based projects. She has made significant contributions to digital transformations in the field of trade finance with her prominent role in SWIFT’s Bank Payment Obligation and Marco Polo Network’s Blockchain-based Payment Commitment projects. Additionally, she has a wealth of knowledge on regulations regarding trade finance products, payments and foreign exchange loans at national and international levels and has guided marketing and operations teams on these issues.

Currently, while Turkey’s blockchain ecosystem studies continue in the Banking and Finance Working Group and Supply Chain Working Group on the Blockchain Turkey Platform, she is also a partner in T3i Partner Network.

Finally, she has been the project leader of the T3i Partner Network, which has undertaken the “Legal Reform to Support Digital Commerce” Project by the EBRD in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce. With the Project in question, which was completed in March 2024, the benefits of the digital legal framework to the business world and its reflection on Turkey’s trade costs were revealed.

Meral Şengöz’s combined expertise in cross-border trade finance and Blockchain will open new horizons for the participants of the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit!

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Speaking On: Blockchain in E-Commerce and Logistics

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