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Ersoy Erkazancı
Correspondent, Bloomberg HT

Who is Ersoy Erkazancı?

Ersoy Erkazancı is a journalist specializing in finance and economics, currently working as a correspondent at Bloomberg HT. Known for his in-depth understanding of the financial sector and his knowledge of economic issues, Erkazancı started his career as an analyst and consultant at various financial institutions. This experience gives him a unique perspective when reporting on economics. 

Erkazancı is particularly known for his detailed reporting on market analysis and economic trends. He is also a master storyteller, tracking national and international economic policies and presenting this information in an understandable and accessible way. 

Ersoy Erkazancı, who stands out with his work at Bloomberg HT, also aims to raise awareness on financial literacy issues and aims to increase economic awareness by reaching a wide audience. 

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Speaking On: Regional Panel for E-commerce Prospect and Challenges : MENA

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