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Prof. Altan Çakır
Academic, İstanbul Technical University

Who is Prof. Altan Çakır?

Prof. Dr. Altan Çakır has carried out significant research at CERN, including big data analytics and AI-based data science at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Prof. Çakır, who participated in CERN and DESY research for more than five years as a postdoctoral researcher, has been working as a faculty member at Istanbul Technical University since 2016.

Currently leading the ITU-CMS research group responsible for research at CERN, Prof. Dr. Altan Çakır is also the co-chair of the Turkish Artificial Intelligence Platform, a board member of the Informatics Foundation of Turkey, and co-founder and CIO of Adin.Ai, a productive AI-based startup company on digital marketing and advertising optimization.

In addition to his scientific research, Prof. Çakır conducts interdisciplinary studies ranging from big data synthesis to economics and industrial applications. Çakır is a consultant to many national and international companies and shares his expertise on big data and artificial intelligence application technologies, strategies, skills and competencies.

It’s time to meet Prof. Altan Çakır to explore big data and artificial intelligence application technologies!

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Speaking On: Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

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