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Cenk Çİğdemlİ
CEO, Ticimax

Who is Cenk Çiğdemli?

Cenk Çiğdemli is an expert leader specialized in e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. Since 2004, he has served as the Founder and CEO of Ticimax Information Technologies Inc., elevating the company to become one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce solutions providers. Throughout this period, he has gained profound knowledge and experience in business strategy, e-commerce, and marketing strategy.

Çiğdemli is recognized for his innovative approaches and leadership skills within the sector. With his expertise in business development and growth strategies, he has spearheaded numerous successful projects, managing teams from diverse nations, cultures, and backgrounds, playing a pivotal role in guiding them to success.

At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, Cenk Çiğdemli will present comprehensive information on e-commerce and digital transformation. His presentations will focus on global e-commerce strategies, management of marketplaces, and digital marketing tactics, providing participants with valuable insights on the best practices and innovative strategies within the industry.

We invite companies interested in developing e-export strategies and seeking deep insights into e-commerce infrastructures and management of e-commerce sites to the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit!

Speaking On: Building Your Own Social E-Commerce Channels and Webpages

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