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Ayşegül İldenİz
Global Tech Leader & Business Executive

Who is Ayşegül İldeniz?

Ayşegül İldeniz is a global leader in developing and implementing innovative strategies in the technology world. Throughout her career, she has held executive positions at leading companies such as Intel and Silver Spring Networks, spearheading successful transformation projects.

At Intel, she strengthened the brand presence in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa regions, making it the fastest-growing market.

At Silver Spring Networks, she transformed the company into a high-tech enterprise. She has led various international platforms in technology and innovation, earning numerous awards and accolades.

İldeniz has pioneered new market categories such as wearable technology and consumer IoT solutions. She currently serves on the boards of international publicly traded companies across various sectors. Known for her creative and innovative approach, İldeniz is one of the architects of the global smart technology world, consistently focusing on change, improvement, and groundbreaking revenue results for businesses.

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Speaking On: Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

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