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Yaman Alpata
CEO, Megamerchant

Who is Yaman Alpata?

Yaman Alpata is a growth-oriented leader focused on creating new business areas, developing partnerships, and generating new revenue streams within digital ecosystems. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of MegaMerchant, having successfully built businesses across various regions worldwide, including Turkey, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Alpata is adept at managing business units with full P&L responsibility, focusing on commercial and business development, and recruiting, developing, and leading talents from diverse nations, cultures, and backgrounds. 

With a customer-centric and entrepreneurial approach, Alpata is known for his strong analytical abilities and his comfort with complex financial data. He has a profound curiosity about the customer journey, stands out for his superior communication skills, and the ability to make strategic business decisions. 

As a pioneer in the e-commerce and retail sectors, Alpata has served as the Head of Local Business LATAM and Country Manager for Turkey & MENA at Alibaba Group, managing local marketplaces and supply chains. During his tenure, he specifically focused on developing local sellers in Turkey and Brazil, increasing e-export volumes, and expanding trade between main export markets. 

At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, Yaman Alpata will share his in-depth knowledge and experiences in e-commerce and digital marketing, providing participants with valuable insights into global e-commerce strategies, marketplace management, and digital transformation. Participants will gain knowledge about the strategies necessary for competing in international e-commerce.

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