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Seyhun Ozkara

Seyhun Özkara
CEO, Ideasoft

Who is Seyhun Özkara?

Seyhun Özkara is a successful Chief Executive Officer with extensive experience in the information technology and services industry. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of IdeaSoft, transforming the company into one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce solution providers. Özkara has developed deep expertise particularly in e-commerce, e-commerce marketing, software, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Management, Sales, and Entrepreneurship.

Since 2014, Özkara has also been the Co-Founder of Shopio, where he develops innovative and sustainable business models on digital platforms, providing e-commerce solutions to businesses in various markets. As a strong leader in e-commerce and digital transformation, Özkara plays a critical role in managing digital transformations and creating new revenue streams for businesses.

A graduate of Yıldız Technical University in Economics and Beykent University in Management Information Systems, Özkara has effectively integrated his academic background with real-world business applications, bringing innovative approaches to the industry.

At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, Seyhun Özkara will share his in-depth knowledge and experiences in e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. His presentations will focus on global e-commerce strategies, management of marketplaces, and digital marketing tactics, providing participants with valuable insights on the best practices and innovative strategies within the industry.

Speaking On: Building Your Own Social E-Commerce Channels and Webpages

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