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Gürol Bütün
Director of Operations, Amazon

Who is Gürol Bütün?

Gürol Bütün is a Director in North American Customer Fulfillment responsible for Inbound operations of Vendor and FBA freight to Amazon in East Coast of USA.

Bütün has launched and operated multiple fully automated Amazon Robotic warehouses. In his prior role, he was the General Manager of one of the largest and most technologically advanced Amazon Robotics facility in the world.

In addition, during his professional career, he held various senior management positions in Oil & Gas Industry. Bütün has in-depth technical knowledge and leadership experience over 20 years in business processes and operations management with particular expertise in automation, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Having achieved significant success in large-scale operations and projects, Gürol Bütün will provide invaluable insights for e-export professionals at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit.

Speaking On: Optimization and Robotization in E-Commerce

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