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Alastair Tempest
CEO, E-Commerce Forum Africa

Who is Alastair Tempest?

Alastair Tempest is CEO of Ecommerce Forum Africa and Ecommerce Forum South Africa, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. He has dedicated his career to developing the digital marketplace in Africa. He works to make e-commerce opportunities accessible across Africa and to ensure that African voices are influential on both the continental and global stage.

Tempest’s expertise includes providing solutions to critical issues in the African e-commerce space, addressing issues such as infrastructure gaps, financing for business growth, and intercontinental trade barriers. Through his leadership, educational initiatives and extensive research, he aims to build a supportive community and promote e-commerce development.

An experienced speaker, Tempest has represented African e-commerce at prestigious platforms such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Trade Organization and the African Union. His roles on various international boards and committees demonstrate his commitment to promoting global digital economies, especially in emerging markets.

Alastair Tempest, who pioneered Africa’s development in the field of e-commerce and made Africa’s voice heard on the global stage, will meet you at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit!

Speaking On: Regional Panel for E-commerce Prospect and Challenges : Africa

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