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Hakki Alkan

Hakkı Alkan
Tech Influencer & Owner,

Who is Hakkı Alkan?

Hakkı Alkan is an entrepreneur and media expert who has made a significant impact in the technology industry. As the founder and owner of ShiftDelete.Net since 2005, he has been managing one of Turkey’s leading technology news and review sites. Alkan is also the co-founder of various initiatives such as Co-Founder Academy, Özgür Ofis Poda, TalentWorks Agency and Co-Founder.Work. 

The basis of Hakkı Alkan’s success in the business world lies in the Industrial Engineering education he received from Sakarya University. Known for his skills such as remote working, social impact and organizational skills, Alkan also operates as an angel investor. 

At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, Alkan will provide valuable information on digital transformation, technology-focused entrepreneurship and e-export strategies. Participants will be able to benefit from his extensive experience in the industry and his innovative approaches in the world of digital media. 

Speaking On: Building Strong Foundations: Infrastructure and Integration Solutions in E-Export

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