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10:40-11:40 | Panel | Main Hall

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

This panel will feature prominent tech leaders, marketers, and investors discussing the transformative power of AI in today’s digital landscape and its future implications. Topics will include the current and short-term impacts of AI on various industries, strategies for managing AI transformation, and the medium-term effects on business operations. Speakers will explore the skills and organizational changes necessary to thrive in an AI-driven future, offering insights into how businesses can prepare for and leverage AI advancements. Attendees will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the AI revolution, from immediate applications to long-term strategic planning, ensuring they are well-equipped for the evolving digital era.


Levent Erden111

Levent Erden

Founder, Academic

Next Academy



Ayşegül İldeniz

Global Tech Leader & Business Executive

OGoksal 1

Orhan Göksal

Chairman of the Board and Intertech Consultant

Deniz Portfoy


Cengiz Ultav

Evalution Commitee Member

Vestel Ventures


Prof. Altan Çakır


İstanbul Technical University


Barış Karakullukçu

Next Generation Entrepreneurship Group President Next Generation Entrepreneurship Group President

Türkiye İş Bankası