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Ömer Arıkan
CEO, T-Soft

Who is Ömer Arıkan?

Ömer Arıkan is an expert leader in e-commerce software solutions and digital marketing. In 2003, he founded his own company, Tekrom Technology Inc. (T-Soft e-Commerce), and has served as CEO ever since. Arıkan has established T-Soft e-Commerce as one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce solution providers, recognized for his innovative approaches and leadership skills in the industry.

From its inception, Tekrom Technology developed its software to operate fully automatically, creating an e-commerce software package that could be installed immediately upon order. The company achieved significant success by launching the T-Soft e-Commerce brand in 2007, reaching a broad audience.

In addition to his main role, Arıkan is also the founder of various ventures such as Tahsildar Online Collection Systems, HeloRobo, Onlivesale, Smartydata, ConnectProf, and Nildesk. Through these companies, he plays a significant role in Turkey’s digital transformation process.

A graduate of Istanbul University, Arıkan started his professional career in Istanbul and has been actively involved in the technology sector for over 20 years. At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, Ömer Arıkan will share his in-depth knowledge and experience in e-commerce software solutions and digital marketing strategies.

We invite companies interested in developing e-export strategies and seeking deep insights into e-commerce infrastructures and the management of e-commerce sites to the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit!

Speaking On: Building Your Own Social E-Commerce Channels and Webpages

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