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Dr. Anamika Datta
International Keynote Speaker on E-Commerce and Futurism

Who is Dr. Anamika Datta?

Dr. Anamika Datta is an AI Product Leader and the founder of AIQ©.

Throughout her 10 year career, she has worked with major companies such as Amazon, Zalando, and Flipkart, and has experience in various sectors including fashion, medical technology, real estate, and education. Operating in both Germany and India, Dr. Datta has extensive experience in product management, AI integration, product training and market expansion. As a Senior Product Manager at Zalando, she emphasized the relationship between Loyalty and e-commerce. She also provides significant insights into Gen Z consumer behavior and new technological paradigms, especially in the field of AI.

With AIQ©, Dr. Datta focuses on developing AI-based products, guiding product management teams on AI integration and creating commercial AI Strategy to support businesses be AI-Ready investors. Additionally, as a professional speaker she speaks at various conferences across Europe and Asia, sharing her innovative ideas.

 She is also an AI Product Trainer at the Product School, Silicon Valley, having trained more than 230 PMs.

Transform Your Business with Dr. Anamika Datta!

AI enthusiasts, tech innovators, and business leaders, join us to gain cutting-edge insights from the visionary behind AIQ. At the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, discover how to leverage AI to revolutionize your product management and market strategies with Dr. Anamika Datta.

Speaking On: Shopping Trip to 2030

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