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Başar Başaran
Storyteller, Writer, Educater

Who is Başar Başaran?

Başar Başaran is an author and screenwriter who was born in Istanbul in 1978 and studied philosophy. Since 2003, he has been operating in a wide range of areas as a journalist, columnist, editor, magazine writer, publishing house editor, television programmer, screenwriter, creative producer and trainer.

Başaran offers a unique perspective on the world with an elegant and thoughtful style. His short and impressive sentences masterfully strike a balance between the elegance of narration and perfect tempo, between mysterious and independent events and intellectual thoughts. He uses literary thought as the main narrative material with recurring motifs, images and expressions in his works. It proposes a dialogue based on identity and belonging, memory and forgetting, dialogues between East and West, and emphasizes the need for a new language to create meaning.

Başaran is involved in projects such as “Master”, which is in development for NETFLIX, and “Anonymous Lovers”, which is in production. He also wrote the scripts for popular TV series such as “At the End of the Night” (STAR) and “Once Upon a Time in Cyprus” (TRT). The author is also known for his works such as “The Lover King”, “Amsterdam” and “Kyrenia Harbour”.

Başar Başaran, who will present a rich content from cultural and literary perspectives at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit, will also share his important views on creative thinking and intercultural interaction with the participants. 

Speaking On: Opportunities in E-commerce with Gamification

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