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Mu Chen
Chairman & Founder, BigOne Lab

Who is Mu Chen?

Mu Chen is the founder and president of BigOne Lab. He has in-depth knowledge in data analytics, economic development strategies and analysis of the economic impact of various policies. 

Mu Chen also promotes the understanding of the digital economy and the development of business strategies in areas such as e-commerce, financial technologies (fintech) and consumer behavior, and works with BigOne Lab on cross-sector collaborations and innovation projects. 

It has been an important source of information for companies and investors by analyzing changes affecting economic dynamics in Chinese and global markets.It’s time to meet Mu Chen, who has a deep understanding of innovative strategies and data intelligence shaping the global e-commerce ecosystem! 

Take your place at the Istanbul Global E-Export Summit to discover how to make more strategic decisions in areas such as e-commerce, fintech and how to optimize data-driven decision-making processes! 

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